Dynamics NAV error - "There is not enough memory to complete the current activity"

Peter Schmitz

Staff member
Should you ever attempt to run an upgrade from a native Navision (CSIDE) database to a SQL Server database, and end up seeing an error "There is not enough memory to complete the current activity", chances are that prior to the upgrade, you ran the Microsoft Upgrade Tool from PartnerSource. Using this tool is meant to check all data fields, to ensure that all the data in the database can be exported into the SQL Server table schema for the Dynamics NAV database.

Apparently, when you run the actual upgrade process (creating a new SQL Server Dynamics database first, and then restoring the backup of the native database into this new DB), these custom objects will cause the error to appear.

The solution is to first remove the objects from the database (start by deleting the data in the tables), then creating a new database, and then restoring to a fresh database.