Odbc connection dont work


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I'm running a MSSQL 2012 server in a 2012 R2 server in a VM and I want to create an odbc connection on my host computer.
The IP address of my VM is and I can ping the VM from the host as well, but when trying to establish an ODBC connection to the Sql server it fails.
The Sql server instance name is WIN-74DOGP6POB3 so in the dsn wizard I specified \\\WIN-74DOGP6POB3, what is wrong ?

Help will be much appreciated.

Peter Schmitz

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Try and remove the double slash in front of the IP-address. I.e. just supplying\WIN-74DOGP6POB3

Hope this helps. If not, please show us some screenshots of how you're setting things up, and perhaps include the error message you receive.




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Hi Peter,
I did what you suggested but it didnt help.
The strange thing is that I can telnet the port as well also, here is the error message I get from the test connection :