SQL Azure Reporting - SQl Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in the cloud

Peter Schmitz

Staff member
Microsoft also made it possible to run Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in Azure. This will allow you to move repoerts that might pose strain on your server into the cloud, where more computing power is available.

It allows you to utilize almost every option available to you when you run SSRS locally, and the features that might miss, will undoubtedly follow later as the Azure platform will mature.

For a great introduction on SQL Azure Reporting, I would like to refer you to an excellent video (though probably slightly outdated by now, as it was recorded in Q3 of 2010, prior to the initial CTP release of SSRS in Azure). The link to the original video is here:


In the video, there is a slide with a SSRS in Azure Feature Summary, which I figured I would add here in table form.

Reporting ServicesSQL Azure Reporting
Tooling- Business Intelligence Design Studio (BIDS)
- Report Builder
- Business Intelligence Design Studio (BIDS)
- Report Builder (Authoring only - Deployment to SQL Azure Reporting through BIDS)
Supported data sourcesDiverse data sourcesSQL Azure databases
Report ManagementReport Manager or SharePoint
- display reports
- rendering to multiple formats
- subscriptions
- scheduled delivery
Windows Azure Developer Portal URL browsing
Developer extensibilityCustom data sources, assemblies, report items, authentication, etc.Extensibility is not yet enabled
Security ModelWindows AuthenticationSQL Azure Username/password

Again, this information might be outdated by now.