SQL Azure - Tools, guides and white papers

Peter Schmitz

Staff member
I figured it would be nice to have a list of tools, guides and white papers that might come in handy when one starts playing around with SQL Azure. I'll try and keep this thread up-to-date.

The SQL Azure Migration Wizard allows you to migrate data from your existing SQL Server 2005 and 2008 databases into the cloud.

If you want to move data over from a MySQL database into SQL Azure, you might find the Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL useful.

Microsoft Access also has its own migration wizard: the Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access.

On CodePlex, you can find a download containing a whole bunch of Windows Azure Platform PowerShell Cmdlets.

Also on CodePlex is the Windows Azure Platform Management Tool (MMC).

Guides and white papers
The Windows Azure Platform Training Toolkit offers a vast library of technical content, which should enable you to learn everything you need to get a proper start on the Windows and SQL Azure platforms.

If you need to migrate a database from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008 into SQL Azure, it might be good to have a look at the list of Azure Feature Limitations.