SSAS - Drill-through row count is capped at 1,000 rows

Peter Schmitz

Staff member
Our customer has requested the ability to have drill-downs in the cube, so we set those up in SSAS as actions. However, today she came and asked if we somehow capped the rowcount at 1,000 rows.

Seeing I wasn't the developer who originally set the drill-through up, I got a bit worried, as apparently this cap prevents her from doing the reconciliation we need for the project. Some quick poking around in SSAS also didn't reveal any limits or caps were implemented.

Luckily, the solution was rather simple; the cap on the rows is implemented in Excel. If you run into this problem, the solution is to edit your Excel connection. You can do so by clicking "Connection Properties" under "Change Data Source" on the "Analyze" Tab:


There, you have the option to set the amount of rows for Olap drill-through processing: